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2020 Fusion CIO Forum | May 3 – 5, 2020
The Fluno Center | Madison, Wisconsin
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The Proactive Enterprise: Are you ready for the next disruptive wave?

This year, FusionCIO will focus on "people development, retention, and attraction,” as well as the state of the current technologies driving digital transformation across the enterprise. The overarching objective of the agenda is addressing enterprise organizations’ needs to stay relevant, competitive, and profitable in a fluid tech landscape.

FusionCxO: A New Look, A New Scope

Leveraging 15 years and the success of FusionCIO. We believe success breeds success! In 2019, we’re expanding our conference series to the broader C-suite.

The integration of technology; business strategy and execution; and, emerging trends in the enterprise, specifically as they relate to future planning is not only the purview of the CIO. Decisions that impact the future of companies, across every industry, hang in the balance. It’s never been more important that the C-suite band together and align, as a team, to address these challenges and opportunities.




March 27, 2019

“The world has changed to a digital world, and now we’re about to fuse the physical and virtual worlds together through the next wave of convergence.”

Tim Schaefer | Executive Vice President (retired)
Client & Digital Experience | Northwestern Mutual  


Community + Culture

Past FusionCIO Speakers


Mark McDonald

Vice President, Gartner


Tom Kouloupolos

Founder, Delphi Group


Peter Coffee

Vice President, Strategic Research, Salesforce


tim schaefer

Executive Vice President (retired), Client & Digital Experience, Northwestern Mutual


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Collab & the C-Suite

As digital transformation impacts every mission-critical application across the enterprise, C-level departments can no longer function as a silo. Today’s fluid tech landscape necessitates that the entire C-suite operate in lock-step as they make far-reaching decisions to re-engineer their organizations for the future. Bringing the C-suite together with a focus on the broader issues driving the company through their respective lenses is imperative. FusionCxO can fulfill this mission by continuing its legacy of delivering strategic content and education through conferences tailored to specific C-level titles.