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Launched 15 years ago, FusionCIO was the first series of intimate, highly-focused conferences designed to connect C-level titles in diverse industries based in regional, tier 4 markets in the U.S*. Fusion conferences brought senior executives in these locations together in an exclusive, casual, and trusted setting for two days of education, community, collaboration, and conversation. Years later, FusionCIO is still the ultimate way for C-suite executives, in localized regions, to deeply immerse themselves in the complex technological issues, cultural challenges, and competitive opportunities digital transformation presents across the enterprise.

Mike Klein

Mike Klein is founder, CEO and editorial director of WTN Media and WTN News, a leading business-to-business media and events company. He also founded The Wisconsin Technology Network. Klein has over 35 years of experience in information technology publishing as a Group Publisher, and Vice President for major technology publications including PC Magazine and InformationWeek. He served as VP, Group Publisher for IDG Communication’s Executive Forums and DevX.com and held management positions with Ziff-Davis, and CMP Media. He was the founding publisher for Knowledge Management Magazine. Klein also founded the Portofino Group, a professional services company that provides strategic planning, business plan development, market research and brand development for emerging and established businesses. Klein graduated from the University of Wisconsin and has studied business, journalism and information technology at the postgraduate level

*Defined as less integrated in the global economy, and not as culturally significant, but still are dominant in smaller local regions in the US and/or provide important industries (tech, automobile, defense, and biomedical), and have some financial and commercial integration at the national scale, and/or possess some cultural significance.



A New Look, A New Scope — We believe success breeds success! In 2019, we’re expanding our forum series to the broader C-suite.

FusionCxO will target the special interests of C-level executives (CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CSOs, CPOs, etal) with in-depth discussions on: the integration of technology; business strategy and execution; and, emerging trends in the enterprise, specifically as it relates to future planning. New players are dislodging market leaders. Decisions that impact the future of organizations, across every industry, hang in the balance. It’s never been more important that the C-suite operate in lock-step, as a team to address these challenges.


Our History

Leveraging 15 years & the success of FusionCIO


IT-Driven Productivity Growth: Macro Consequences & Micro Causes


CEO Perspective: Leveraging the Business Value of Information


Transforming IT: How the Business Benefits


The CEO‘s perception of strategic IT & his relationship with the CIO


The CEO – CIO Relationship – Navigating Unprecedented Uncertainty


Enterprise Leadership: IT as a Business Asset


The power of integrating business strategy with technology solutions


Surviving Technology-fueled Disruption: A CEOs Perspective


How Secure are We? New Strategies, Attacks, and Technologies Threaten Your Enterprise, Employees and Customers!



Protecting your organization against digital disruption


Understanding Today's Enterprise and Cyber Risk Landscape


Deliver Customer Experience Value through Disruptive Business Models, Powered by Digital Investments


The Intelligent Enterprise: Leveraging Speed, Agility, and Innovation